Amma Inge Vaa(Mummy, come here)
A moving rhyme from a baby in Tamil

Rhymes in Indian language

Rhymes in English

amma inge vaa vaa
aasai mutham thaa thaa

ilayil soru poduu
eeyai thooram ottu

unnai ponra nallaar
ooril yaavar ullaar

ennal unakku thollai
ethum inge illai

Mummy, Mummy come here, please,
Give me , give me a loving kiss.
Place , place little rice on the leaf,
And drive , drive , away all the flies ,
Good , good, people like you,Muumy,
Are , are rarely there in this place.
Trouble , trouble, From me,
You, you do not have from now on.
I tell, I tell, without any doubt.