Kai Veesamma, Kai Veesu( Wave your hand , darling)
Tamil rhyme to play with a little tiny tot

Rhymes in Indian language

Rhymes in English

Kai veesamma kai veesu
Kadaikku pogalam kai veesu
Mittai vaangalaam kai veesu
Methuvai thinalam kai veesu
Appam vangalam, Kai Veesu
Irundu thinnalam,Kai Veesu
Boondi vaangalam , Kai Veesu
Ruchithu thinnalam, Kai Veesu
Pazhangal vangalam, Kai Veesu,
Azhagai thingalam, Kai Veesu.

Sokkai vaangalaam kai veesu
Sogusai podalam kai veesu
Kovilukku pogalam kai veesu
Kumbitu varalaam kai veesu
Therai parkkalam, Kai Veesu
Thirumbi varalam, Kai Vesu
JImikki vangalam, Kai Veesu, Kadile podalam, Kai Veesu

Wave your hand little one, wave,
Let us go to the shop wave,
Let us buy sweets, wave,
Let us eat it slowly, wave,
Let us buy Appam wave,
Let us eat it sitting, wave,
Let us buy Boondi, wave,
Let us eat it with taste , wave,
Let us buy fruits,wave,
Let us eat it with grace, wave.

Let us buy a frock, wave,
Let us put it on nicely wave,
Let us go to the temple wave,
Let us go and pray there, wave,
Let us see the chariot , wave,
Let us come back, wave,
Let us buy pretty ear studs, wave,
Let us wear it in the ears wave.