Elephants donít forget

There was a bad Tailor in a village long ago. He used to play pranks with people. In that village there was a very good elephant. You know Maithree, elephants are very big animals. Though they are huge, they are very caring. If you give them Bananas they will take it from your hands. They also place their trunk on your head and bless you. The elephants love to take bath in cold water. They would go inside the tank , swim and also enjoy pouring water all over themselves.

The Mahout( he is the care taker of elephants) used to take the elephant daily to its bath. On the way was the tailors shop. One day the tailor offered a banana fruit to the elephant. From that day, the elephant used to bless the tailor daily. Then the tailor thought of playing tricks with the elephant. The next day when the elephant blessed him, he took the needle he was stitching and drove it in side the trunk of the elephant. The elephant was very angry . But it kept quiet. From that day, the elephant stopped blessing the tailor. After a few more days, the tailor forgot the entire thing. It was Deepavali. You know Maithree, on Deepavali days, all people get new clothes stitched. So the Tailors shop was full of clothes. The elephant that day while returning from its bath in the tank, stored lot of muddy water in its trunk. When it came near the Tailors shop it introduced its trunk inside the shop and poured all the muddy water inside the shop. All the new clothes were spoiled. The villagers got very angry with the tailor for spoiling all their clothes and beat him Thus the elephant punished the tailor.