The fox who married a girl

There was once a very poor girl. She was very , very pretty. There was a fox who was in the forest. The fox wanted to marry the girl. It dressed itself like a man and went to the father of the girl. Mama, wont you give your daughter in marriage to me. The girls father was pleased and said , yes. The girl’s father gave the girl in marriage. But he never knew that his daughters husband was a fox. The fox was enjoying its stay in the girls house. There was lot of good food and several feasis. After a few days the girls father asked the fox to take his daughter to his home. The fox was not having any house. But it had to agree. So it took the girl with it and they started walking. After some time, the girl asked the fox”Amman, Amman Uracha?”. This means uncle ,uncle, whether your place has come. Then the fox replied. No, No Innum Oru Aru Kadakka Venum meaning , no, no , we have to crossone more river. They walked still further. The girl again asked “ammam, Amman, Uracha”. Then the fox replied”No, No, Innum Oru Aru Kadakka venum.” . Like this a few days went by. By this time the girl understood that her husband was a fox and it did not have any home. She told her husband, we will go to my home, where we can be happy.The fox agreed and they returned home. The girl secretly told her father about the fox. That day the father got the help from his friends and drove away the fox.