Fox and the Cream Biscuit

Do you know , Maithree Kutti , that the fox is an intelligent animal ?. Maithree was really curious. Have you talked to them Thatha , she asked. Why , Kutti, asked the Thatha. Maithree chimed, the other day you were telling Mummy that you talked to Ramu and that he is a fool. Oh,that was different Maithree. These are old stories when fox and all animals used to talk. But , they have stopped talking now. Anyway, for your sleep today , I will tell you a story about a clever fox.

Once there was a very clever fox. It was one day very hungry and wanted to eat biscuits. It was particular that the biscuits must be sweet. What are biscuits , Thatha, are they same as cookies, asked Maithree. Thatha nodded his head and continued. When it was searching for biscuits, one crow saw a biscuit in the hands of the foolish Ramu , you told about Maithree. The crow flew near Ramu and Ramu dropped the biscuit in the ground. The crow took the biscuits in its beak and flew to the nearest tree. Poor foolish Ramu was crying. The fox saw all this and went near the tree. Then it started talking to the crow.

Sister crow, sister crow, you are so beautiful . The other day , I heard the lion king say to me that you are more beautiful than the peacock. That is a lie , Thatha screamed , Maithree. Crows are not at all beautiful but the peacock in the zoo is very beautiful. You are right, Kutti but thee fox was telling a lie. When somebody tells a lie praising you , it is called flattery. But the crow believed the fox and nodded its head. The fox then said to the crow. The lion king also told that you sing very nicely. But I have never heard you sing , sister crow. The crow was very pleased and started singing “ka, Kaa,Ka….”. Then the biscuit fell from its mouth and the fox got the biscuit, which fell down.

The next day, the fox wanted a cake to eat. Ramu at that time was eating the cake. The crow flew near him and then he dropped the cake on the floor. The crow took the cake and sat on the same tree. The fox wanted to fool the crow again. He again went near the crow. It called the crow and said. Sister crow, yesterday your song was so nice . I actually wanted to hear the song but a rabbit was going near by . So I ran away to catch the rabbit. Please sing a song for me today also, sister. The crow now knew that the fox was telling a lie. It flew with the cake to its nest and kept it there safely. Then it came back near the fox and started singing in a loud voice “Kha , Kha, Kha…”. The fox could not bear the sound and ran away. So Kutti, you cannot fool every one every time.