There was a sweet village called Kannur in Tamil Nadu. In that village all people were experts in making silk saris. There lived Rama and his wife Sita in that village. Rama used to make pretty silk saris and sell it in the nearby town. Unfortunately he was very forgetful. Rama had a friend called Krishna who lived in the nearby village. Krishna’s wife Malini was a very good cook. Once while returning after selling a silk Sari, Rama went to Krishna’s village. Krishna told him that his wife has made a special dish called Kokattai (a common dish called Kozhakattai, which would be spherical. It is also called Modhakam) and invited Rama to his house. Rama also happily agreed. Rama ate 4 Kokattais. Then he told Malini, “my wife Sita never made this. What is the name of this?” Malini told Rama, “This is very simple to make Sita must be knowing it. Go and tell her that you want Kokattai. She will immediately make it and give it to you.” The problem with Rama was his forgetfulness. So he decided that he would keep on repeating Kokattai, Kokattai… all the way.

While walking to his village he went on repeating Kokattai, Kokattai…. But he had to jump over a big pool of water. While jumping , it was his practice to tell Immathadi and jump. This time also he did it. But after jumping instead of telling Kokattai he went on telling Immathadi. At last he reached his home. As soon as he reached his home, he went inside called Sita and told her, “Sita, today I went to Krishna’s house. His wife Malini gave me Immathadi. I liked it very much. You immediately make Immathadi and give me.” Sita had never heard of a dish called Immathadi. So , she told Rama, “I have never heard of a dish called Immathadi. You must have forgotten the name. Tomorrow I will go to Malini’s house and find out from her , what she gave you. Then in the evening I will make it for you.” This made Rama very angry. So he took a big stick and beat Sita here and there. This caused swellings on her body. At that time another friend of Sita came to their house. She asked Sita, “What is that all over your body like Kokattai?” Rama hearing this suddenly remembered that he wanted Kokattai and not Immathadi. He told this to Sita. Sita immediately made Kokattai and gave it to Rama who became very happy.