Subba Sastry and Sugar

There was a very rich man in Tenali. But the rich man was a great miser. Do you know, what a miser is. He will not spend money for anything. Even if Chamattu Kuttis like Maithree wants a sweet, he wont give. One day some ants entered his sugar bowl. The rich man was very upset. His wife told him that if he dries the sugar in sun, the ants would run away. So the rich man took a big paper and spread the sugar with ants on that paper and kept it in his portico. But he was afraid that the crows or Subba Sastry his friend would eat the sugar away. So he was watching the sugar carefully.

Subba Sastry who liked sweets in any form saw the rich man and the sugar. So he told his son to come after five minutes to the portico of rich man and shout, “ Our Cow is dead, our cow is dead”

Subba Sastry went to the Rich mans portico and asked him “How are you?” The rich man replied that he was not Ok and he was sad. Why asked Subba Sastry. Rich man replied that he is loosing lot of things.Subba Sastry told the rich man that it was bad and asked him what he was drying. Then the rich man replied that some water fell in the mud in his garden and he was drying the mud

At this time Subba Sastry’s son came running to the portico. He was shouting “Our Cow is dead, our cow is dead”. Then Subba Sastry took one hand full of sugar and put it in the mouth of his son. Then he took another handful and put it in his own mouth. He was shouting “One handful of mud in your mouth and another handful of mud in my mouth.”. The rich man started shouting , “It is not mud , it is sugar”. But Subba Sastry insisted, “No , No , It is mud and tastes like mud.” He went on doing this till all sugar is eaten. The rich man became very sad.