The Four Friends

Once up on a time in a village lived four friends, Rama, Krishna, Subbu and Mohan. All of them were very poor. One day a sage visited their village and told them to go to a place called Mahapuram so that they can earn all the money that they want. He told them that when they get sufficient money they should return back home. Avarice is bad, Children , he told them. The mummies of Rama, Krishna, Subbu and Mohan gave them food to eat on their way to Mahapuram. The friends started their long walk. They told each other stories and took rest on their way. After one month they reached a place Copper coin town. It was written there, take all you want and go away. Rama told his friends, I will take copper coins and go home. There I will earn sufficiently using these coins and be happy. All the other three friends laughed at him. They told him, now it is copper coin town, the next will surely be silver coin town. But Rama who was satisfied took sufficient copper coins and went back home.

The other three friends continued their walk to Mahapuram. The walk was difficult. Food was less and the journey was hard. Their legs were paining. At last after another month they reached Silver coin town. It was written there, take as many silver coins you want and leave. Krishna told his other two friends that , he was returning back. He told them, now that I am tired I cannot take as many silver coins as Rama took. Even if I take, I will suffer a lot. The other two friends laughed at him and told. Surely the next would be Gold coin town. By coming with us , you can be very rich and need not work again. But Krishna , did not agree and he returned back. By the time he returned home, he had to spend more money and when he reached home , he was only as rich as Rama who was really happy.

Subbu and Mohan continued their journey. They were telling each other, how rich they are going to be when they reach Gold coin town. It took a long time and they were tired. There was very little food. They suffered a lot but walked further. At last after 2 months they reached the Gold Coin town. Subbu said he is returning but Mohan told that he was going ahead to the Platinum diamond town. Subbu told his fried not to be a fool. Even at that point they can only carry very little money and by the time they reach home , they would have similar money like their friends. But Mohan went further.

Platinum Diamond town. But there was one man standing there who looked very much like Mohan. On his head a wheel was moving. He was crying. But when he saw Mohan , he laughed. “Another fool like me has come” said he. The wheel suddenly moved to the head of Mohan. The other man told him. I also came in search of money like you. I was not happy with whatever I got. Now because you have come, I am free to go. Pray somebody likes you comes soon to help you. The other man ran away. He walked for months. His food was over. His clothes were torn. He was very very tired. And at last he reached the

Kutti. This story tells you that you have to make efforts for what you want but you should not have greed.