The Fox and the Heaven

In the forests of Palakkad there were several foxes. One fox was a mischievous fox like Maithree Kutti. One day the fox was jumping and running. It did not see a knife left by a hunter in the forest and fell on it. The knife cut the tail of the fox. It pained a lot. It was the only fox in Palakkad forest without a tail.

So that night when all the foxes were busy in hunting for food, the clever fox closed its eyes and started shouting “Swargam Kanarathe”(meaning I am able to see heaven). All other foxes thought that the clever was lying but one other fox also wanted to see heaven. So it also fell on the knife and cut its tail. It pained a lot. The new fox, which has cut its tail, closed its eyes but did not see any heaven. So it went to the clever fox and asked” I am not able to see Swargam”. Then the clever fox told the new fox” Don’t be a fool. Nobody can see heaven. If you also say like me Swargam Kanarathe, then another fox will cut its tail like us.”

So both the tailless foxes stood that night in a line closed their eyes and shouted “swargam Kanarthe”. This time five new foxes cut their tails. They also joined the next night in shouting”Swargam Kanarthe”. Slowly all the foxes in Palakkad forest lost their tails.

The clever fox, which was the only fox without a tail, now was very, very happy.