The Laughing Rajma

Once an old poor lady who was very hungry got a few Rajma seeds. She has some coal. She lighted the coal with the grass and put a pan over it. She then put all the Rajma seeds in the pan to fry. But one seed escaped and fell down. While it was thinking what has to be done, one burning coal also fell down. Along with that one big grass also fell down. The Rajma told the grass and coal, “This old lady is going to kill us. Let us all escape from here.” The coal and the grass agreed. So they ran away from there. But when they had walked a little, they came across a stream. The three new friends did not know how to cross the stream. Then the grass suggested, “I will lie in the stream from this end to the other end. Both of you walk over me , step by step. And thus we will cross the stream. “ Both the Rajma and the coal agreed to this. The coal tried to cross first. But while the coal was in the middle of the stream, it got afraid and slightly turned. When it turned the grass caught fire and the coal fell it in the water .It was put out. The grass also broke and caught fire. Thus the coal and the grass died. Seeing this the Rajma started laughing and jumping. When it jumped too much, its stomach broke in to two. But when it was about to die, one tailor came that way. He took pity on Rajma and stitched it with a cream thread. Thus the Rajma escaped. From then onwards you can see Rajma with its cap stitched with a cream thread.