The Son in law

Do you know Maithree Kutti, Who is a son in law. No, Thatha replied Maithree. He is the boy who marries daughters. Maithree did not understand. Should I understand that Thatha, she asked. No , not necessarily now. Anyway, The daughters when they grow big like your mummy , live with their husbands in a different house , some times in a different place.

There was one Chuppa Thatha in Palakkad. Do you know where Palakkad is , Maithree Kutti. Yes, I know, it is the town where my other Thatha lives. Ok, You are cute , Maithree and know everything. This Chuppa Thatha was very ill. His daughter was married to a deaf man in another village. What is “deaf “Thatha, asked , Maithree. Deaf persons cannot hear whatever , you say Maithree.If you go on stopping me every time, I will not be even able to begin the story , Maithree.But Thatha , you only told me that I have to understand whatever , you say. This deaf man’s name was Ramu. Ramu's wife that is Chuppa Thatha's daughter wanted Ramu to visit her father and enquire about his health. Ramu agreed. Ramu's wife told him. Stop , Thatha, You said deaf people couldn’t hear. That is right, continued the exasperated Thatha. Ramu's wife wrote in a paper and showed him. Before you go to see my father , you should buy some fruits. Maithree again could not understand. Why should he, Thatha., Oh, Kutti, if you go on asking like this when we will go to sleep. Anyway, sick people eat lot of fruit , so when you go to meet sick people , you have to take some fruit. Ramu's wife also told him that as soon as he meets, Chuppa Thatha , he has to ask him , how he is. Then he will reply , I am OK. Then you ask him which doctor is treating him. He will reply DR. Narayanan is treating him .Then you have to tell him, , he is a very good doctor. You then tell him how is the treatment. He will see it is very good. Then you tell him that is very good news and also tell him he will soon visit him again.

Ramu nodded his head and went to his Father-in –law’s village. As soon as he got down he started searching for a cheap fruit. Apples were very costly and so was oranges. Ramu asked for any cheap fruit. The shopkeeper suggested Banana. Ramu asked for the price but found it very costly. He went from shop to shop in search of fruits. At last he noticed an old woman selling chilies, which were ripe. They were red and the woman was prepared to sell them very cheap. Kutti, no body buys ripe chilly fruits. They get spoiled

Ramu thus went to his Chuppa Thatha’s house with a bag of ripe red chilly fruits. There were many children in the house. He gave each one. one fruit and then went to the room of the sick Chuppa Thatha. By that time the children had eaten the fruit and were crying miserably. Kutti , nodded, I will also cry , Thatha.

Chuppa Thatha replied “I am only waiting to go to Yama, the God of death” Maithree chimed” Is there a doctor like that , Thatha?” Thatha replied “Hush , little one, there is no doctor like that but Chuppa Thatha was telling him he is very angry. But Ramu was a fool and he could not hear also” Ramu then said” He is a very good doctor and you please go to him” Chuppa Thatha was very very upset and shouted”Hey fool,Get out of here and do not come again.” Ramu then thanked Chuppa Thatha for his good words and told him” I am happy you like me , I will come again to see you soon.”

Maithree kutti, all people cannot do all things. Like Ramu you should never pretend and tell lies. It will cause sadness to all. Maithree Kutti vigorously nodded her head .