Thiruvazhuthan and the queen

The queen took pity on Thiru and took him with her. She patiently explained everything to him. One day the queen wanted oil. She called Thiru and asked him to bring oil from the shop. Thiru went to the vegetable shop and asked for oil. People laughed at him. But one good man showed him the shop where oil is available. Maithree, in India during those days, you have to carry a pot or a vessel to buy oil. The shop owner asked Thiru for the vessel. Thiru told him” have forgotten the vessel. Anyway , I put all my things in the shirt Pocket. You pour the oil in my pocket. The shop owner laughed and asked his servants to pour the oil in the shirt pocket of Thiru

Thiru was very proud this time and went to the queen and told her that he has brought the oil. What the queen saw was Thiru drenched in oil. She was a good lady. She told him that from the next time onwards he should take another four servants with him and bring the purchase on their head. Thiru vigorously nodded is head.

The next day the queen wanted a needle to stitch a gown. She asked Thiru to bring one . Thiru took four people with him to carry the needle back. He went to the shop and asked for a needle. What they showed was too small and could not be carried back by four people. So Thiru wanted a bigger needle. They showed him a shop selling books. This shop had a bigger needle to stitch a book. Even this was small. That shop owner took him to the wholesale market where a needle to stitch gunny bags was available. Thiru wanted a still bigger needle. All of them said it is not available. Thiru wanted to obey the queen. So he made the four people to cut a big tree . In the tree Thiru made a hole. He kept the big needle used to stitch bags in this hole. He asked the four servants to carry the tree. The queen was watching Thiru and the servants carrying the tree from her terrace. She came running down. The servants who were finding the tree difficult to carry put it down in front of her. But the needle was nowhere to be seen. The queen also dismissed Thiru from her house.