Tenaliraman and the baby prince

One day When Tenaliraman went to the court of Krishnadeva raya, the baby prince who was only three years old was crying for the removal of mustaches of the prime minister. The king to please his pet baby ordered the Prime Minister to remove his moustache. Tenaliraman arrived at this stage and told the king” Sir, It is not possible to satisfy all the whims and fancies of babies. So, I think what you are doing is wrong. Tell the prince clearly that we cannot agree to his wish this time.” But the king rudely replied back to Tenaliraman, “He is the prince of a great empire .That too he is a baby. So all his wishes will be fulfilled.” Tenaliraman then told the king, “Sir allow me to be the baby prince for a few minutes. Let me see whether you can fulfill all my wishes.” The king agreed. Tenaliraman then started crying like a baby. When the king asked, what he wanted, he desired for a match box. After lot of tantrums, he accepted a small match box .Then he again he started crying, King again asked him, what he wanted. Tenaliraman, this time wanted a big elephant. This was brought. Then Tenaliraman wanted the king to put the elephant in the match box. The king realized how impossible his wish was. He then sternly told the prince, that the moustache of the Prime Minister was none of his business and chided him. Thus Tenaliraman was able to correct the king.