Shyamala-the modern Cinderella

In the city of Bangalore, there lived a rich family. Kamala and Lalitha were the twin girls of this family. Their father was Ramu and mother Abhi. One girl called Shyamala also lived with them. She was a poor orphan cousin and was helping the family by doing little bit of work. She always called Ramu and Abhi as daddy and Mummy. Though all the family members liked Shyamala, they all thought that Kamala and Lalitha were more beautiful than her. A music teacher and a dance teacher daily came to their house to teach Kamala and Lalitha. Shyamala always watched what they were learning and learnt music and dance faster than them. She sang all she learnt before Kittu the gardener, Subbu, the driver, and Gomathi, the cook. All these servants liked Shyamala very much. Gomathi, who was once upon a time rich, had earlier worked as a maid in a rich house and knew all about dressing and make up. Kittu the gardener, who was working in several houses, was a darling of several rich people. Subbu also had several driver friends and among them was a great magician Hoom Phat
A Miss Young Bangalore competition was being arranged in Bangalore. Only selected people could participate in this competition. People who were organizers visited the house of rich people and invited all the pretty girls. Abhi who came to know about this shut Shyamala in a room so that only Kamala and Lalitha were selected.
The day of the competition came. Kamala ad Lalitha were made up by beauticians and dressed in costly cloths. They were taken to the venue in an ambassador car of their father. He drove the car. He told the driver that he should come to the venue at exactly 10.30 PM to pick them up. After they went Shyamala went to the garden and cried. Gomathi, Kittu and Subbu who saw her crying felt sad. They decided to help her. Gomathi who knew the art of make up , dressed her up. She took from her old collection a very pretty dress gifted to her by a rich lady. Kittu went to Hum Phat and requested him to help Shyamala. Since Hum Phat knew about Shyamala he agreed. He told Kittu that his magic that day would be effective only till 10 PM Then using his magical powers Hum Phat transformed Shyamala in to a very rich looking girl . He also created by his magic golden shoes .. By his magic, the look of tiredness in Shyamala disappeared. She was really glowing.Subbu borrowed his friend driverís old Rolls Royce car. Hum Phat chanted some spells and the old car looked brand new. Subbu also looked like a very rich manís driver. Shyamala should rush back home, so that, Subbu could go to the venue and pick up his master and also because the magic of Hum Phat will not work after 10 PM. Shyamala arrived at the venue as a very pretty looking well dressed , glowing girl, in a Rolls Royce car. As soon as the organizers saw her, they gave her entry. None of the people in the audience had seen such a pretty girl like Shyamala, Kamala and Lalitha also could not recognize her. There are fifty young girls for the competition. Initially 25 were selected based on their beauty. Kamala and Lalitha were left out. Then they were screened based on a graceful walk. Here only 10 girls were selected. Shyamala was one of them. They were screened based on their dancing skills. Here only three girls were selected. Again Shyamala was one of them. The judges then started testing their intelligence. At last the judges asked them what they will do with the price money, which was large. One girl answered that she would buy nice cloths. The second one answered that she would, build a new house.