Sharath Kumar and the jewel box

Sharath Kumar worked in the army of a king. When he was slightly wounded and injured one of his fingers, he lost his job. He felt dejected and started walking to his village which was at a very long distance. While he was walking through the forest, he saw a big mango tree with lot of mangoes in it. He felt like climbing the tree. Suddenly an old man who had a very big beard appeared there. He told Sharath Kumar, “My name is Mantra swami. I am a magician. You appear to be a very good person and I want to help you. I would give you my magical towel. Along with it you climb up this mango tree. When you reach the top, you will find a big hole in the mango tree. Get down in this hole. This will take you to a room below the tree. In that room there will be a cash box. On that box a dog with saucer like eyes will be sitting. Do not be afraid. Catch hold of the dog and keep it on my magical towel. If you open the box, you will find lot of copper coins. After taking whatever you want, go to the next room. Here again there would be another box. On this again a dog will be sitting. His eyes will be like dinner plates. Do not be afraid. Catch hold of him and keep him on this magical towel. That box will contain lot of silver. Take whatever you want and go to the next room. Here again there will be a big box. On it a dog will be sitting. His eyes will be like cycle wheels. Do not be afraid. Catch hold of him and keep him on the magical towel. This box will contain materials made of gold. Take whatever you want. Go to the next room. There will be jewel box and no dog there. Bring the jewel box. I want it for my magic.” Sharath Kumar did as told my Mantra Swami. He collected lot of gold and silver articles. He also got the jewel box. He came out and asked Mantra swami. What magic will this jewel box do? Mantra swami did not reply but tried to snatch away the jewel box from Sharath Kumar’s hand. Sharath Kumar simply pushed Mantra swami down and ran away. He kept on running till he reached a big town. He purchased a house and all material needed and started living comfortably. He gave lot of money to all persons in difficulty. Like this after some time he had spent all the money he had. He did not know what to do. Then he thought of the jewel box. It did not open. Then he hit it. Suddenly the dog with saucer like eyes appeared. It asked him, “Master, what do you want?” Sharath Kumar asked for more money. The dog also told him, “If you hit this jewel box once, I will come. If you hit it twice, the dog with eyes like lunch plate will come. If you hit it thrice, the dog with eyes like cycle wheel will come. We will help you in whatever way you want.” Sharath Kumar was very happy. One day he saw a big black palace in the town. He asked his friends about it. They told him, “In that black palace, there is a pretty princess, who is very kind. But she is guarded day and night by her parents. They do not want the princess to marry any body.” That night Sharath Kumar called the Dog with Saucer like eyes. He told him to go and bring the princess. He brought her is a wheel chair. The princess suddenly woke up and asked Sharath Kumar, “Who are you?” Sharath Kumar did not reply but asked the dog with the saucer like eyes to return the princess to her palace. Next day the princess told her mother, “Yesterday in my dream, I was taken outside this palace. There was a very good soldier there but he did not tell who he is? The mother of the princess got worried. She told the princess, “If the same thing happens today, you ask him,” who he is? If he refuses to tell, then start crying.” That night, Sharath Kumar sent the dog with eyes like lunch plate. That dog took the princess before him along with her cot. The princess woke up and asked, “Hey, good man, who you are? “ When he did not tell she started crying. Then Sharath Kumar told, “I am a poor soldier. I like you very much. Will you marry me?” The princess replied, “I too like you. I will ask my mother today.” Sharath Kumar returned her back o the palace, Next day, the princess told her mother, “Today also I went out along with the cot. That ma is a poor soldier. His name is Sharath Kumar. He wants to marry me. Can I mummy?” The queen told the princess, “You bring him tomorrow night along with you, we will talk to him. If we like him, then you can marry him.” Next day Sharath Kumar asked the dog with eyes like Lunch plate to bring the princess. She told him, “My mummy and daddy want to see you. If they like you we can get married.” Then Sharath Kumar summoned the dog with eyes like cycle wheel. He took both the princess and Sharath Kumar inside the palace. The king and queen along with their soldiers were waiting to catch Sharath Kumar and put him in jail. Sharath Kumar then hit his jewel box 6 times. The three dogs came and they chased away the king, queen and all their soldiers. Sharath Kumar then opened the palace and came out. The people made Sharath Kumar and the princess as their king and queen. They both lived happily.