Agasthya and Vathapi

There was a great Sage called Agasthya. He was very dwarf and stout. At that time there lived two asura brothers called Vathapi and Ilwala. Vathapi could take any form and Ilwala knew the trick of raising the dead. These two asuras used to invite guests. Vathapi would take the form of a goat .Ilwala would kill the goat and cook it and offer it to the guest. Then Ilwala would call, “Vathapi, come back”. Vathapi then would tear the abdomen of the guest who has eaten him and come out. This way Vathapi and Ilwala killed and ate lot of good people. One day they invited Agasthya. As usual Vathapi turned in to a goat and Ilwala cooked him. Agasthya ate the cooked Vathapi. At this time Ilwala called, “Vathapi, come out.” Realizing the trick, Agasthya patted his belly and told, “Vathapi, get digested.” As soon as this words were uttered, Vathapi got digested. Ilwala ran for his life