Drona’s test to the Pandavas

The Pandava’s and Kouravas were growing up together in Hasthinapura. Bheeshma was searching for a suitable teacher to them but was not getting one. One day the boys were playing ball in the ground near the forest. Unfortunately their ball fell in to the well. They were not able to play. At that time a sage like man came there. He asked them, “You look like princes. Why are you not playing? “They told him, “Sir, Our ball fell in to a deep well and we do not know how to recover it. “ That man laughed and told, “I will help you.” He then took his bow and arrows. He shot one arrow on the ball. He shot another on that arrow. Another arrow on the second arrow and so on. Then using the arrows as handle he took out the ball. That day the children reported this to their grand father Bheeshma. Bheeshma immediately decided that the sage like man was the great teacher Drona. He approached Drona and requested him to teach the Pandavas and Kouravas the art of war. Though he was teaching them very well, all people could see that Arjuna was really becoming an expert. There was a general complaint that Sage Drona was partial to Pandavas. One day Sage Drona called all the family members of pandavas and Kauravas. He told them, “Today I am going to test all these boys. Please watch what I do.” He then gave a big room each to Pandavas and Kauravas. He also gave them 1000 rupees. He told them, “Please fill up the room, that I gave you fully using this money.” Kauravas went on purchasing hay, sand, old articles etc and filled up their room. However Pandavas went to the shop and purchased lamps, oil and wick. They placed the lamps in different places and lit them. The family members could easily see that Pandavas were clever and have filled their room with light.

Then Drona tied a doll of a bird on the top of a tree. He asked each of the Kouravas to shoot the bird in the neck with an arrow. When they were trying to shoot, he would stop them and ask, “What do you see?” all of them replied things like the tree, branches and the bird. When it was the turn of Arjuna he replied, “I see only the neck of the bird.” Then Drona explained “This is the reason why Arjuna excels. “