Durvasa and the Pandavas

The pandava princes lost their kingdom to Kauravas in gambling. As a result they were forced to go and live in the forest. Lot of their friends including sages used to visit them in their forest. They found it very difficult to give them food. So Panchali the wife of Pandavas prayed the Sun God. He gave her one Akshaya Pathra which would give any amount of food in a day, till Panchali takes her food. With the Akshaya Pathra the Pandavas were able to give food to all their guests.

The Kauravas wanted to trouble them further. They requested sage Durvasa to visit Pandavas late in the after noon. Durvasa as a very short tempered sage who used to curse people when he gets annoyed. Durvasa reached the forest after Panchali has taken her food. Anyway the pandavas requested the sage to go and take bath in the river so that they can keep food ready. They did not know what to do. Panchali prayed Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna came before them immediately. He said to Panchali, “Sister, I am hungry, give me some food.” Panchali was perplexed and started crying. Lord Krishna asked her to bring the akshaya pathra. In the corner of the Akshaya Pathra, a leaf of Amaranth was sticking. Krishna took the leaf, ate it and drank some water. He told Panchali, “Thanks a lot, my belly is now full”. He then went away. At that time Sage Durvasa was taking his bath. Suddenly he felt that his belly was full. He was worried that he had made Pandavas cook food for him. He came and excused himself. Like this Lord Krishna solved the problem of Pandavas