Hanuman the mischievous child

Hanuman was the son of a Monkey called Anjana and the God of Wind. He was very mischievous. One day when anjana was very busy, Hanuman asked her for food. She told him to pluck any red fruit and eat it. At that time the Sun was raising in the east and it was red. Hanuman thought that it was a fruit and jumped towards Sun God. Sun God became very worried and asked his friend Indra to help. Indra came on his white elephant and beat Hanuman with his diamond mace. Hanuman fell down on the ground dead. The wind God saw this and became very angry and sad. He hid himself in a cave. Because of the absence of air all people started dying. Then Lord Brahma went to the place where wind god was hiding and requested him to come back. He promised him that Hanuman will never die and also he requested all Gods to bless him. Hanuman thus became a very strong monkey.