Janaka and Sita

There was a kingdom called Mithila. The king of Mithila was Janaka. He was a very wise king and taught several sages. Unfortunately he did not have any children .One day when he was ploughing the land, the plough hit a box. Inside the box was a very pretty girl baby. He brought her home and called her Sita. Janaka also had prayed Lord Shiva and got a great bow. This bow was very heavy and needed twenty people to lift it. This was a kept in a corner in the palace of Janaka. One day while Sita was playing with a ball, it went below the box in which this bow was kept. Sita lifted the box with one hand to get her ball .Janaka was seeing this and decided to give her in marriage to anyone who can lift the bow and use the bow. When Sita grew up Janaka arranged for a contest to find out who could lift the bow and use it. Though many kings came they were not able to do it. At this time Rama was brought to Mithila by sage Viswamithra. Rama lifted the bow easily, bent it and broke it. Janaka gave Sita in marriage to him