Killing of Bakasura

This is again the story of Pandavas. This happened before they married Panchali. They were wandering in the forest along with their mother Kunthi. At last they reached a village called “Eka Chakra”. The villagers happily received them and gave them a house. All the Pandavas used to beg in the morning and give whatever they got to their mother Kunthi. She used to give half the portion to Bheema because he was very stout. The other half was equally divided among the five. One day, Kunthi saw the woman of the next house was crying. She asked for the reason. That woman told, “Madam, in this village there is an asura called Bakasura. He used to kill many people and destroy our fields. So we all went to him and requested him to accept food from one house. He would also eat the man who takes the food. Today is my turn. I have only one son. Today he will be eaten by Bakasura.” Kunthi consoled her and told her, “Unlike you I have five sons. Pease only give the food. One of my sons will take it to Bakasura.” She then Ordered Bheema to take the food to Bakasura. Bheema was more than happy. He took the food near to the cave where Bakasura was living and started eating the food. Bakasura came out and told, It does not matter, if you eat the food because, I am going to eat you.” After finishing the food, Bheema fought with Bakasura and killed him. The villagers of Eka Chakra were very thankful to Bheema.