Ravana and Gokarna

Ravana then waged war against the world. He won over all his enemies and troubled them. He thus reached Himalaya Mountains n which Shiva and Parvathy were living. Ravana wanted them to come to him. He uprooted the mountain and shook it. Shiva who was all powerful pressed the mountain with his toe. Ravana’s twenty hands broke in to pieces. Then Ravana started singing Sama Veda. Shiva became very pleased with him and gave him One Shiva statue. He told him that if this statue was kept in his city of Lanka, nobody can conquer it. But he also told him that on his way to Lanka he should never keep it on the ground. While Ravana was taking the statue to Lanka, he needed to take bath. At that time he saw a boy playing in a field near the tank. He did not know that the boy was Lord Ganesa himself. Ravana requested the boy to hold the statue for some time so that he could take his bath in the tank. The boy told him that he would hold it till he counts one hundred. Ravana unfortunately got delayed and the boy kept the statue on the land. The statue became fixed there. Though Ravana tried his best he could not remove the statue. That place is the famous temple of Gokarna.