Sampathi and Jadayu

Sampathi and Jadayu were two eagle brothers. Sampathi was the elder brother. One day they were trying to find out who was flying higher. Jadayu being young started flying higher and higher. He was nearing the sun. Sampathi told him not to o near the sun, because the heat will burn his feathers. Jadayu did not care. Then Sampathi flew higher than Jadayu and spread his wings wide to protect him. Because of this Sampathiís wings got burned and he fell down on the earth. He started living near the sea. Jadayu started living near Panchavati on a tree. He became a close friend of Lord Rama and Sita. One day Jadayu saw that Ravana was carrying Sita in his lane. Jadayu fought with Ravana and fell down dying. When Rama came back Jadayu told Rama how Ravana has taken Sita and then died. Rama wept a lot to the loss of his friend

Later when Hanuman and other monkeys were searching for Sita, they were not able to find her and started discussing what all happened. Sampathi heard all this and cried a lot to hear that his younger brother has died. He came out of his cave. Because eagles can see a long distance he was able to see Sita sitting in Lanka. He told the monkeys about it and died.