Samyuktha and Chyavana

Samyuktha was a princess. She used to love to play in the forest. While once playing in the forest, she saw a big ant hill. When she was playfully searching the ant hill, she saw two shining points. She took a stick and drove them inside these points. Blood started to come out from there. The servants of Samyuktha opened the ant hill and found a very old saint called Chyavana sitting and doing meditation. Because of Samyuktha, he had lost both his eyes. Father of Samyuktha forced her to marry the blind Chyavana so that she can look him after. Taking pity on her, Chyavana prayed to Aswini kumars, who were the doctors of Gods. The Aswini Kumars came and were not only able to give him eye sight but also make him young. The medicine which made him young is the famous “Chyavana Prasa”. Samyuktha and Chyavana lived happily