There was a very powerful king called Kaushika. One day while hunting, he and his army reached late at night the Ashram of Sage Vasishta. Sage Vasishta requested Kaushika and his army to be his guests. Kaushika uproariously laughed. He could not understand how this poor age could feed him and his army. Then Agasthya called Nandini, a cow who was the daughter of the heavenly cow Kamadhenu. He requested the cow Nandini to supply food for Kaushika and his army. So much food and so much variety was supplied that Kaushika and his army enjoyed their food and were satisfied. Kaushika then told Vasishta, “This cow should be with a king like me so that I can give food to large number of people. What is the use in her being with you?” Vasishta replied that “the cow has to come to his ashram of her own accord as he was a Maharshi (Great sage). And so I cannot give him to you.” Kaushika became very angry and started attacking Vasishta. Vasishta took his holy Stick and planted it before him. This stick prevented all the weapons used by Kaushika and his army. Kaushika had o return back empty handed. As soon as he reached his kingdom, he gave it to his sons and started to do Tapas (prayer involving meditation). After a very long time Brahma appeared before him. Brahma asked him, “Kaushika, what can I do for you?” Kaushika replied,” I want to become a sage like Vasishta.” Brahma replied, “I can make you a Raja rishi (Kingly sage) but not a Brahma rishi like Vasishta.” Kaushika again went on doing taps till he became a Brahma rishi like Vasishta. He was then called Viswamithra (Friend of the universe).