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Dear kids and parents,

A Big hello from Raja thatha all the way from Bangalore, India. By the way "thatha" in my language,Tamil, means Grandpa.

I grew up in a generation where my grand parents were an active part of my life. That meant oodles of fun, stories, prayers and information all delivered cuddled up in grandpa/grandma's lap.

Today many kids are physically removed from their grand parents.I feel that inspite of all the technical gizmos, millions of toys they are missing out on this wonderful tresaure which we were lucky to get from our thatha/patti(grand parents.

I, myself am now a thatha to not one, but 3 little darlings, all of whom enjoy Raja thatha's titbits, favourites of course are the stories. I want to reach out to all those little ones and not so little ones out there who would love to hear them. Do tell Raja thatha what you feel

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