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About Raja Thatha

Raja thatha is the name given by my grand children to me P.R. Ramachander, a resident of Bangalore, India. My roots lie in Kerala and my life journey took me to other parts of India before I settled in Bangalore.

A scientist by profession and a story teller by heart is how I would like to describe myself. For years I worked in the field of science in a horticultural institute in Bangalore. Soon after my retirement, the poet and the storyteller in me pushed itself out. Among the challenges i have undertaken are the translation of several slokas to english in a poetic form. These can be viewed at . I am a poet in a very small way too. Some of my poems can be seen at . My other interests are cartooning, history and sociology.

Whatever else I am, my grand chilren Maithree, Rohan, Yamini and Maalavika consider my storytelling the greatest accomplishment and talent. And theirs is the greatest compliment I can have.

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